About Us

Who We Are

    When you walk into our store, you can see an art wall on your left hand side. Our elegant works of art are hanging on the wall. Different colours will catch your eye and mesmerize you. When you go a little bit forward, you can see a section with many paintings. We put most of the artworks in this section. I believe that you will always find something you like here. People can learn about PEI better if they come to our store, because we have many paintings reflecting the PEI landscape. After you see our paintings, you can experience the actual landscape. I think the synthesis would be very meaningful and it can provide memory for everyone. 

    In addition to the art, Open Dream also supplied some self care products for your convenience. So the people who are living around here can come and buy something they need and don’t need to go to the stores which are far away from their home. Many of our products are good for your body and your health. They can keep you in a good state everyday.

    We hope that people can enjoy our artwork and share the beauty of our island with more people. We are looking forward to meeting you soon. Come OPEN our door and experience the DREAM!